POVA 4 PRO - energy of technology

Tecno Mobile has launched a new smartphone, POVA 4 PRO, on the Russian market. It has a stylish design and high performance.

We developed an explosive road show concept and designed the brand area outside the box, creating a visual illusion of a cube that shattered into pieces from a powerful flow of energy. The road show was held for a month on weekends in 6 shopping malls with the highest traffic in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We gave each guest a branded bracelet with sticker slots and a QR code leading to the Tecno website. People got stickers for visiting our areas and posting texts on social media. All guests participated in the branded prize draw, and the stickers obtained gave them a chance to receive guaranteed gifts. The main prize - a POVA 4 PRO smartphone - was drawn every week.

We offered guests exclusive entertainment using modern technologies. Each activation effectively demonstrated the benefits of POVA 4 PRO and encouraged participants to create cool content for their social media using the new device:
1. Dynamic and exciting game for the POVA 4 PRO smartphone with the option to record your playthrough;
2. Macrocosm installation, allowing you to create and record your own audio track with hand movements;
3. Collection of filters and masks that you could try on your pictures and videos, view them on a big screen and share the result on social media right away.

Tecno Mobile has launched a new smartphone, POVA 4 PRO, on the Russian market. It has a stylish design and high performance. But there is still widespread mistrust among Russian users about the quality, reliability and durability of Chinese smartphones, which creates barriers to purchase.

Our task was to introduce the new product to the audience and give them the opportunity to experience the high quality and power of the POVA 4 PRO model.

Our audience is active young people who use smartphones not only for communication, but also for games and creative self-expression. Therefore, a test drive of a new device was supposed to give them such an opportunity and at the same time become a vibrant and exciting entertainment.


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