Alice at Rosa Khutor

How to convince a person that a new device is convenient and useful? Give it to them to try it out!

We advertised Alice at Rosa Khutor:
- branded the Chalet trail;
- showed announcement videos on screens on the resort premises and in hotels;
- designed a lounge area with sunbeds, tables and mountain views;
- integrated a special offer from Alice into the Surf Coffee menu: it was an unusual purple donut and coffee.

The campaign culminated in the famous sports and music festival New Star Camp, which attracts tens of thousands of guests every year. Alice co - hosted the event, so more than 52,000 festival guests heard her voice.

But how to do this if we are talking about a smart speaker that is becoming part of our daily life?

Having deeply studied the insights of the target audience, we realized that in this case a few minutes at the consultant’s counter are not enough for users to test the device. You should get closer to it, tune it to fit your individual needs, make a part of your life for a few days, try in different situations.

This is exactly what we offered to the guests of the iconic Rosa Khutor resort: we gave them a smart speaker with Alice for free for a few days. On vacation people are in no hurry and willingly try something new. What is more, they associate the brand with pleasant events.

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